6 Types of People During The Circuit-Breaker Period.

It has been less than a week since the Singapore Government announced the implement of the circuit breaker. Over the last couple days, we have identified a few categories of peeps. Read below to see which category you belong in!

The Essential Workers
During this period, while most of us are WFH, we should be extra appreciative to those who are still going to work as per norm to allow us to have fewer disruptions in our daily activities. This includes the healthcare, cleaners, repairs, delivery services, and most importantly online boutiques and all F&B sectors. If you belong in this group, thank you so much for making Singapore as whole as it is.

The Tik-Tokers
With most of us WFH, everyone is given extra time on their hands due to the fact that travelling to and from is no longer required. Of course, you also don’t want to waste that makeup look you did just for that conference call. And with nowhere else to go, TikTok is your new go to and of course we all understand this is the best period for you to gain your fame! If you belong in this group, kudos for bringing new entertainment to Singapore.

The Fitness Junkie
Now we all know that everywhere is closed for this period till further notice, this goes to all the gyms in Singapore as well. But not to worry as a lot of instructors have been doing live on their social media to encourage not only members but everyone to continue working out. Aside from that, we have also noticed a rise of fellow netizens sharing their at-home workouts routines on social media. It is really refreshing to see more and more of us are getting aware on the importance of fitness. Great job Singapore!

The Gamers
As the title shows, which I, myself am guilty for as well. All gamers have been taking opportunity of the circuit breaker to work on their gaming skills. If not for work, I believe I wouldn’t even be able to leave my couch for 72 hours straight from all the games available in the market! If you belong in the category, take this as a reminder for you to get off the couch and start spending some time on your fitness journey babes! You really don’t want people to notice you’ve been slacking for a month!

The Party-poopers
Doesn’t matter where or what you do, there’s always bound to be people that are there to ruin the party. This goes to the people with eagle eyes looking for people doing things who “break-the-law” and reporting them to the authorities. While it might be nice to send your enemies or people who deserve it to the authorities for punishments; imagine if the shoes were turned around, and someone reported you to the authorities for something “urgent” you had to attend to? If you belong in this group, be considerate and think in the shoes of others before reporting, with or without incentives!

The Chefs
This is also a great time for those that have always wanted to try that certain recipe but could never find the time. To all the first time bakers and those stepping into the kitchen for the first time making something other than Maggie. Congrats on the new milestone you have achieved! If you belong in this group, kudos for brewing that extra something.

Let us know which category you belong to in the comments below and don’t forget to take care and be safe during the circuit breaker period.

Also, don’t forget to hit us up for video takings once you have mastered your acting/dancing skills on TikTok and shoots of your fitness results over the month as a milestone once all this is over. Cheers!

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